Our Team

Meredith Blaché and Marcus Joyner began Ricochet Web Design in 2017 after working together for several years supporting each other through many projects including web design, graphic design and photographic assignments. Meredith and Marcus decided it was time to create a joint business that brought their talents together as well as engaged the talents of other family members.

Meredith Blaché – A  photographer, graphic designer and web designer, both in profession and teacher/professor. Meredith has worked in the photography field all of her adult life, coming from a family of photographers. She began her own photography business with the birth of professional digital photography. She began teaching technology classes in the late 90’s and begin designing web pages using HTML. Meredith has a Bachelors of Science degree in Information Technology and a CTE/OTE teaching certificate. She is currently teaching Digital Photography, Video Production and Intro to Engineering at Highline High School. She also teaching Photography, Web Design and other Visual Design Classes at South Seattle College.

Marcus Joyner – A photographer, web designer, computer technician, and programmer. Marcus has worked in the technical field for the past 5 year. His degree as a Computer Network Specialist and studies in Computer Programming makes for a great team in the Ricochet Web Design business.

Mercedes Blache – a third generation photographer is also a graphic designer, web designer and is getting her Bachelors in Computer Programming. Mercedes works on the team as a graphic designer as well as web designer. She also work on many of our photographic projects.